Rotorua winch challenge.

Arron Eades
posted Aug 03, 2013 at 12:21 PM

Its on!
7 & 8 Sept.

We need to confirm 12 trucks by the end of the week for this event to go ahead.

Sorry for the late notice. We only got confirmation of land access this morning.

Feel free to ring me if you have questions re what vehicles are allowed etc. Wof not required (except challenge class ofcourse)

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Arron Eades
posted Aug 07, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Hi everyone. Had a meeting tonight and can clear a few things up.

Keep an eye on and you should see an entry form on there in the next day or two. Entries will close on Friday the 16th (so you have a week and a half) and payment in full will be needed with your entry. (might even be a slight price reduction Razz )

We are running all three 4x4 Challenges classes as per the 2012 rules which can be found here.

We will also run an "Outlaw" class which is basically anything goes so long as you meet safety standards. Ie you will need a 6 point cage, automatic load holding brake on your winch etc etc. On the day of the event, if all the modified guys are happy, we will combine modified and outlaw in to one class.

Please note that all classes will be scored separately and as such there can be no comparison between classes. Please do not ask "who was the overall winner" as I will simply inform you that you are an idiot. Some stages may be shorter/easier for club class if need be, the rest will all run the same tracks.

Spectators. No. Due to this event being on forestry land, we unfortunately can not accommodate spectators. Reasonable support crews and of course volunteers/marshalls are more than welcome.

Marshalls. I was supposed to have contact details for our head marshall, but I don't. For now email me and I will make sure he gets your details.

Just ask if I have missed anything.


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Arron Eades
posted Aug 25, 2013 at 9:53 PM

Hopefully everybody who wants to enter has an entry form by now, if not shout out and I will send you one.

We are still accepting entries.

Still looking for marshals.

Prize giving will be at in their "bush camping dinning area". This location has plenty of parking and is very handy to the competition stages. There will be a BBQ available at prizegiving (byo meat/bread/etc). Also Offroad NZ are providing a few Kart racing vouchers for prizes. Awesome.

Arron Eades
posted Aug 26, 2013 at 9:52 PM

Hi all. I can confirm there will be a few prizes specifically for marshalls. Reason being that these events need competitors as much as they need marshals. At the moment, as a marshall you stand a bloody good chance of winning a prize so sign up!