Log book ? etc

Keri Iva
posted Feb 22, 2014 at 1:32 PM

Hello everyone.. 1st post so be gentle :)
Had a read through current rules for 2014..
couple things..?

It still states a current wof no older then 28 days..? I thought we had addressed this to inline with NZ vehicle standards for road use.. ie every 6 months for older cars pre 2000 ?
Another thing.. can you use a log book instead of getting current wof / rego? as It would effectively be up to standard for the class..?
Also who issues the log books? Because if this is how things are goping to be run then we need to be able to get them,as all I can see is it getting too complicated and it makes it even harder to compete.. wof / rego / cert should be all that's required and is the current standard of the land..

Also insurance.. I feel that's a joke as ALL insurance companies will NOT insure when competeing..? so why have it.. 3rd party will actually do what when competeing?

K.I.S.S... just makes a lot of sense..

Im getting my truck ready and I don't want too many rules that make it too bloody hard and ultimately put me off. and it puts the sport in the deep pockets section and new comers will not be able to play / compete.


Arron Eades
posted Feb 22, 2014 at 9:27 PM

Hi Keri.

The 28 day wof is true if you do not have a log book. If you do have a log book then you only need a current wof.

The idea with the insurance is that it covers you/landowners when you are in a competition, but not competing. IE when not in a special stage. The theory being that it's a road going vehicle and therefore needs insurance anyway, so why not enforce it and gain some protection for land owners (this is my understanding anyway). Of course with the advent of other classes that are not road going, and therefore won't have insurance at all, it all gets a little unclear.