Why should I join?

Membership gives you a voice within 4x4 Challenges NZ to help provide direction for the future of the winch challenge sport. Membership is open to competitors, event organisers, marshals or anyone who just wants to have their say.

NZFWDA membership

If you are not already a member of the New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association Inc. (NZFWDA) through another club, you can be through 4x4 Challenges. The NZFWDA holds the vital insurance cover for events and those involved.


NZFWDA membership, and a log book will both be requirements in the next version of the 4x4 Challenges Winch Challenge rules.

International competitors

International competitors will be required to be members of 4x4 Challenges NZ to be covered by the NZFWDA insurances.

Fee structure

4x4 Challenges NZ membership
Yearly membership fee.
Log book
A new log book, or changes to an existing log book. Log book application procedure
NZFWDA membership
For those who are not already affiliated through another club

Note: These fees are current for the 2016/2017

Vehicle log book

Log books will be used to record the vehicles scrutineering history as well as roll cage compliance and will remain with the vehicle for the life of the vehicle. Log book application procedure

Ok, how to I sign up?

Download the membership form below, fill it in, and mail it to 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc. with payment attached. Payment can be made by cheque to 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc. or by Direct Credit to:

02 0238 0006963 00
4x4 Challenges NZ Inc, Bank of New Zealand, Parnell Branch

Files to download