Log book application procedure

  1. The following forms are available for download at the bottom of this page
  2. Owner to complete the Log Book Application Form for vehicle, including:
    • Owner details
    • Vehicle details
    • 2 current colour photos of the vehicle – 1 front, 1 side.
  3. Rollcage manufacturer or owner is to complete the Rollcage Compliance Form
  4. Log Book fee $20 inc GST (for 2007) payable with application. Priority requests, $40 inc GST .

    Payment by Cheque made to 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc. or by Direct Credit to:

    4x4 Challenges NZ Inc
    Bank of New Zealand
    Parnell Branch
    02 0238 0006963 00

    (please identify any direct credits, or advise of payment by email, so you are correctly credited by 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc.) logbook@4x4challenges.org.nz
  5. Log Book Application Form (including photos), Rollcage Compliance Form and fee is to be posted to:

    4x4 Challenges Inc
    PO Box 37143
  6. 4x4 Challenges will establish a vehicle file and create a log book from the details submitted. The log book will be returned to the owner and is to remain with the vehicle for the life of the vehicle.

Files to download