4x4 Challenges general meeting, November 2011, minutes

Minutes of 4x4 Challenges NZ General Meeting held on 13th November 2011 at Parnell


Dave Brown, Peter Vahry, George Palmer, Ashley Lucas, Eileen

Apologies: Justin Williams, Jason Delahunty, Jack Talbot

Minutes of previous meeting

31st July 2011

Moved as correct

Matters arising

Buying radios off Auckland to be done
Website: Rules have been added
More work needs to be done

Cook Strait crossing discount – check with Tony Burgess

Trophies: George having difficulties getting results of events to get trophy’s

Discussion about the authority of 4x4 Challenges and recognition by competitors.
All comps running under rules now however




Cost of engraving maybe very high. Results on website only. Needs to set
up list for the events where results can be posted


Membership cards for 4 members


Financial report

Balance: $5523.03
Income - $440.89
Expenses - $203.13
GST paid $45.66 by Peter Vahry to be reimbursed
10 @ $50 each= $500 to Auckland Club
Rental of radios from Manukau still owing

Moved Peter Vahry
Seconded Dave Brown

Now the radios are now ours we need a hire charge. Need to generate an
invoice for $200

General Business

George has generated list of provisional results
To go to website
Send to Dave and will change to pdf and send to Jeremy
Information needs to be put out to ensure competitors get information

Co-driver changes during the series
Discussion on how this can be managed
Needs to be resolved for future. Needs to combine with the rules


Little feedback
Remaining on the course: Dave has suggested perhaps need to reword.
Change to “return”.
Some discussion over the wording.
From Bernie re beadlocks

1. New subsection a) for standard and challenge classes, mechanical beadlocks
must be certified to LVVTA standard.

38.10 delete as duplicates
Modifications to body, Standard class
Remove 7.9
George bought up a contentious issue re body mods but needs more
thought. Needs to go into pending rules. There are inconsistencies in the
classes re body mods
44.1 Subsection d) re spare wheel not required
A vehicle jack and jacking plate needs to be carried. Why still
needs to be there?
Possible we are setting up having completely disabled vehicles
on track that would be difficult to recover if we removed requirement for
jack etc


Dave will reword
Rules for 2012 be approved with changes
Peter Vahry
Moved George that review body modifications for classes and add
to pending changes


Future events

Wellington – November 25,26,27
Advertised in our website Has been sanctioned by us and run under
our rules.
Not NZFWDA initially, so now Kiwi 4x4 hosted. Only have 2 competitors
so far
Dave will go if the event is on
Has paid for airfares. The idea is to get rules nation wide accepted
and chance to meet SI competitors.
Superwinch Easter 2012
Organiser Steven Reed
Some changes to rules with rear mounted radiators allowed in Challenge
If ASR run that alters the class dramatically
Cannot be sanctioned as a 4x4 Challenges supported event.
External forces that require access to DoC land to be road legal
may change ideas in future

Discussion on club classes

Rule compliance

Suggested changes to competitors to fix something for next
event. George reports that this is being done.


Next meeting

Sunday March 25th 2012


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