4x4 Challenges general meeting, May 2013, minutes

Minutes of General meeting 4x4 Challenges NZ held after AGM on 19th May 2013
at Parnell
Opened 11.40pm


Dave Brown, Peter Vahry, Eileen Austin, Ashley Lucas, Jack
Talbot, Tim Fensom, Dave Obery

George Palmer, Warren Adams, Glen Raymond, Jeremy Walker, Darin Neeley

Previous minutes

Taken as read


Matters arising from previous minutes

Under general business






Balance in cheque acct $5460.49
Accts for payment:
Peter Vahry reimbursement $52.18 for GST paid
Pronto print$12.60 Log book binding
Written off outstanding amount from Whangarei Club for radios – never
received - $200
Dave Brown moved accounts be paid
Seconded Eileen Austin

Stop watches may need to be replaced
Who are the signatories of the acct: Peter Vahry, Ashley Lucas, Eileen

General Business

Do we need a rep at AGM  -Yes
Discussion on 4x4 Change issues then the delegate should vote as
they see fit
Dave Brown  is official delegate at NZFWDA AGM
Business from matters arising
FWDA not taking over Challenges. They would like to see North and
South together and the whole lot under the NZFWD umbrella.
How can we make this happen? What are the things that keep us apart
and can we compromise?

Class definitions and 6 point harness seem to be the biggest stopping
points. South Island have
Clubman A and Clubman B. Open Class close to Challenge class – radiators
in back
Modified and Outlaw are similar
Original concept was to keep vehicle looking as near production as
If rear mounted radiators is only thing needed to change we should
consider but with 6 point cages– no compromise on safety.
Adventure Recreation Health & Safety rules will impact on events- need
to consider.
Club Class- designed for vehicles with no WOF
Could be changed to modified
Why don’t we run buggy’s?Hand cut tyres can they be allowed-in modified?
Club class amalgamate to modified
Modified –  change to Outlaw
Clubman – production
Compromise is possible but safety is still a consideration.

Land access is an issue for running events but may get that resolved for
Auckland using Neavesville area.
Need to get people interested again.
Waikato to run a basic event and hoping other clubs maybe interested.
Aim is to get more spectators involved.
Videoing – did do some good but expensive in past.
Magazine coverage not there now, seems forgotten.
Sponsorship from new vehicle manufacturers not about at present
as new vehicles not Winch Challenge suitable.
Tyres sizes- possible need to consider changes
But not so much of a SI  issuebut need to have for NI.Leave at
present and consider later.

4x4 Challenges combine with Mainland Challenges needs to be discussed.
What are the main stumbling blocks to this happening mainly personalities?

Letter from Bernie Konz discussed. People to be involved. NZFWDA recognised
4x4 Challenges the committee for winch challenges.

Discussion about types of events and what will get people involved. Perhaps
a 24 hour event. Something happening all the time. Vehicles in teams have
been successful but future of such events?

Email to National Secretary to inform of our delegate







Dave Brown to prepare a report single page to summarise those points we
feel can compromise to bring closer to South Island to present at Assoc.
AGM. Those people of Mainland Challenge who have influence may not be there.

Meeting closed



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