Winch Challenge Competition Rules 2014, released

4x4 Challenges has completed it's annual rules review, and has made a few changes based on feedback gained from competitors and event organisers over the past two years. Version 11 has now been released and is ready for use in the 2014 winch challenge season.

Only minor changes have been made. The most notable are removing the restriction on radiator placement for Challenge class, and allowing individual wheel brakes on one axle for Modified class vehicles. There has also been a change to what recovery equipment can be loose on the floor, and an added requirement for winch hook's to have a keeper latch, among other changes.

See the 'rule changes' document for a list of rules which have been changed.

The rules committee would appreciate any discussion and feedback you can provide, through our discussion forum, or by submission. Rule change submissions are encouraged and accepted at any time during the year. Please make sure your submissions are well researched and attach all the appropriate information needed to make an informed decision. Email your submissions to

posted by Jeremy Walker on February 10, 2014 2:40 PM in Rules news (15264 reads)

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