The end of 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc.

The club, 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc, has been shut down. After several years of running in limp mode, and with that not likely to change anytime soon, it was decided to hit the kill switch. 4x4 Challenges has reached it's DNF time.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the club since it was first established in 2003. We did a lot in that time; developed a set of rules for winch challenge competition, ran winch challenge events, and did our best to help foster and promote the sport. Your hard work and dedication made winch challenge what it was, and has played a part in making it what it is today.

A special thank you from me, to Peter Vahry. Without him doing all the grunt work behind the scenes to keep this ship afloat in recent years, the club would've reached its DNF a long time ago.

This club is no more, but that won't even be a blip on the radar for winch challenge. In the North Island, winch challenge continues to be in the hands of the dedicated clubs running great winch challenge events. And in the South Island, winch challenge has long been thriving thanks to Mainland Winch Challenges and their supporting clubs. Thank you to all those men and women who give their time and effort to keep the sport alive - the sport is indebted to you.

The 4x4 Challenges rules will live on in the clubs who have taken the rules, and made their own versions. I hope they use this opportunity to bring some fresh ideas to the rules. Fix some of the problems, and try some new things. There's lots that could be improved on.

This website will remain online until the domain name expires in December.


Disclaimer: this is just me rambling, not an official release from 4x4 Challenges (which now doesn't exist).

posted by Jeremy Walker on October 30, 2019 4:21 PM in General news (38 reads)