Mainland Winch Challenges formed to promote South Island events

Mainland Winch Challenges Inc. was formed earlier this year at a meeting held to gauge interest in South Island based winch challenge events. After having had five competitions run throughout 2007, the event organisers and other interested parties came together to form a sole governing body for South Island competitions in 2008 and beyond. Six regions were represented in an effort to promote the growth of the sport in the South Island.

Positions of office were elected with Bruce Perry as president and Scott Gorrie as Secretary/Treasurer. A 'working document' was created to form a common set of rules to ensure consistency between events, including a 'Clubman' class to help encourage new competitors into the sport.

Six events are already in the planning for the 2008 Mainland Winch Challenge series starting with the Takitimu Winch Challenge to be held in Southland on the 14th-15th of March. These are exciting times for the sport of Winch Challenge here in New Zealand with a record number of events planned for 2008 and a very bright future ahead of us.

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