4x4 Challenges AGM - 23rd June 2008

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of 4 x 4 Challenges NZ held at Remuera 23rd June 2008 at 8.00pm


Peter Vahry, George Palmer, Steven Reed, Darin Neeley, Simon Bishop, Ashley Lucas, Eileen Austin

Apologies: Garth Williams, Wayne Lovejoy

Minutes of previous AGM

Were read

Moved Peter Vahry
Sec Simon Bishop

Matters arising

Website never been costed by Jeremy



  • Minutes of Northern Zone and National NZFWDA


Presidents Report

President’s report 2008

A year with little to report for 4x4 Challenges activity although a number of meetings were held in the 2007 year. Several projects were done, as proposed by the members at meetings and one was the implementing of vehicle log books. Only one has been issued so far.

Assistance was provided to the Whangarei event and some limited involvement with the Norwest Challenge and the Geyserland event.

The website and associated forum, provided by Jeremy Walker, has not been fully utilised by members as a communication tool.

I remain positive about a future value for 4x4 Challenges NZ, as providing a consistent basis for the rules and risk management of winch challenge events around NZ. As the organisation charged by the NZFWDA to maintain the safety standards for our type of competition, it will be important to encourage greater involvement with 4x4 Challenges by winch challenge organisers within other clubs and by competitors themselves.

The rise in fuel costs may alter the way winch challenges are organized and 4x4Challenges NZ will need to consider those changes.

Peter Vahry


Financial Report

  • Tabled
  • Loss of $173.63
  • Balance $4956.74
  • Paid GST $12.67

Peter moved that Balance Sheet be accepted
Sec George Palmer


Peter suggested stay the same at $6.
Due now

Discussion about the need for the club

Election of Officers

President: George Palmer – nominated by Simon Bishop, seconded Eileen Austin
Vice-President: Peter Vahry moved by Steven Reed, seconded by Simon Bishop
Secretary: Eileen Austin
Treasurer: Peter Vahry
Committee: Darin Neeley
Steven Reed, Ashley Lucas
Convener of Rules: to stay with John Walker. If John is out of action, then George will answer questions.
Simon suggested we offer John Walker Honorary membership in recognition of his work in the club.


General Business

The future of the club.
Causes of problems and perceptions especially of Sth Island Clubs. Modified rules with watered down safety rules that is potentially a risk to the Association. There had been many attempts to canvas opinions but difficult to get any answers.
Clubs don’t see the need for 4 x 4 Challenges as they already have all they need to run an event.
Need to get more people involved and the ‘club’ events are an attempt to do this.
Discussion about staged events on one site and the speeds that are being required.
Perhaps we need to have rule changes to encourage club challenges.
Rules: WOF less than 28 days or a current WOF and a log book. Suggested by Darin. Discussion about this.
Third Party Insurance and why is it necessary? Discussion on this and warrantable standard. Perhaps an ASR’s would cover non registered or non WOF vehicles.
Need to put the word around for discussion to get input.
SPARC – Drug free Does 4 x4 Challenges support this?

Peter moved that 4 x 4 Challenges remain in existence and develop a clear direction with clubs.




Steven moved that 4 x 4 Challenges support this.
Darin Seconded.

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