4x4 Challenges meeting - 11th October 2008

Minutes of 4x4 Challenges meeting Saturday 11th Oct 2008 held at Remuera at 10.40am


George Palmer, Peter Vahry, Grant Johnson, Jeremy Walker, Darin Neeley, Stephen Reed, Joe Kesseler, Justin Williams, Owen Fillery, Jack Talbot, Eileen Austin

Rob Chisholm

Minutes of previous meeting

Used AGM minutes but these are most current. Read out by George


Matters arising

Drug Free has been ratified by NZFWDA last weekend.


Presidents Report

George presented reasons for his resignation as president.
He feels that he has lost his enthusiasm for the events and would not be always available. He is will to be involved where he can but called for those present to consider standing

Meeting reluctantly accepted his resignation

General Business

Probably will be 3 events for next year
General people required for running the events not just competitors.
Administration on the day is the essential thing.
Discussion about a scoring system in Excel that has been developed by Jenny
Manukau had started using their own rules but George persuaded them to use Challenges rules.
Rules and the difference between North and South Island competitions were discussed.
Differences are mainly vehicle configurations. We probably need to try and accommodate all. Maybe various classes are required to get the sport going.


Election of President

Nomination for President
Darin Neeley – nominated by Steve
Seconded Justin



Balance $5084.98 
Owe GST $15.38
Donation for radios $50
Can be couriered  to events
Web site: Jeremy prepared to leave any costs until 4x 4 Challenges has funds.
Running costs must be funded.
Fee for hall hire $30.00 for this meeting to be paid



Needs to be inclusive but sometimes difficult especially if a face to face meeting is not possible.
Can be done by email or via website.
Email direct to people so can get a reply but could be perceived as not so transparent.
Offer direct reply or via website.
South Island are not so anti but rules are still the main stumbling block.
Canterbury 4WD Challenges has been formed and joined NZFWDA
The rules were adopted by NZFWDA and there is a push under risk management to get the two groups to agree.
Insurance is covered by NZFWDA for affiliated clubs but many SI clubs running events are not affiliated.
Lowest in the food chain is the one people come to claim from for any recovery of cost in an insurance claim.
To get the Islands together they need to want to get together. Competition between the two groups and a National Final with National rules. Get a format that works for competition.
Need to possibly reach out in a formal way. Darin to meet with anyone who attends the Manukau event.
Still need a rule committee once there is some ideas and consensus.
Radiators, fiberglass panels, WOF, isolating switch, 4 wheel steering are points that need sorting.
Push the log book and possible competition license. 28 day or less WOF or log book.
WOF is a National Standard. Quality of scrutineering is covered by log book.
Vehicle compliance inspection rather than WOF. Log book application simplified.
Possibly look at log books used by ORANZ. May accept their log books possibly MANZ
Rules and Calendar need to be 2 separate groups.
Series needs to be decided. If 4 round series can drop 1 so 3 events needed for points.
Some differences in the quality and number of competitors in events.
Mechanism to be put into place to account for differences in events.
People on the Rules Committee. 6 people
Needs to be done over email so not so exclusive.
Peter, Owen, Grant, Jack, Jeremy, Justin.
Calendar group. Series in 2010 but a calendar needed for next year.
InVesure maybe interested but there maybe some issues with some of the organisers.
Darin to be the calendar person with inclusion of SI events.
Jack Talbot to be convener of the Rules group.

Goals to be
Positive inclusion
Working towards a common goal

Next meeting to be
November 23rd at 10.30am at Victoria Rd School


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