Email list created to keep everyone in the loop

A new email list service is available on the 4x4 Challenges web site. When subscribed you will be able to send and receive message sent to It is hoped that everyone and anyone that is interested in Winch Challenge in New Zealand will sign up so that we can have one sole method of notification, allowing event organisers, the rules committee, the 4x4 Challenges committee and other groups to reach everyone in the Winch Challenge community by sending just one email message.

Although this email list has been created under the domain name, it is certainly not limited to only 4x4 Challenges related messages and it is hoped that it will become a valued tool to the whole New Zealand winch challenge community which of course includes those involved with Mainland Winch Challenges and their respective events. As 4x4 Challenges work co-operatively with Mainland Winch Challenges in an effort to move towards a national series and annual series final event this mailing list will become a key tool in letting everyone know as progress is made.

Signing up is a simple procedure of providing your name and email address. Your email address is kept hidden from the public and spam messages will not be tolerated. Only those subscribed to the email list can send to the list, so anyone who abuses the list will be banned.

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posted by Jeremy Walker on November 20, 2008 3:09 PM in General news (1366 reads)