New Winch Challenge Rules released for 2009

The 4x4 Challenges rules committee have completed and released a further developed set of the well proven Winch Challenge competition rules to be used in 2009.

As always, the process of creating this new version (version 8) involved input from many people and was driven by rule change submissions that were sent in to the committee. Although unlike previous years, the 4x4 Challenges web site forum was used to discuss many of the suggested rule changes. This input proved to be another valuable gauge of the various opinions within the winch challenge community. Thank you to all who took the time to contribute to the rule change process.

The major changes in this new version of the rules include; requiring a battery isolation switch, allowing the use of a 4x4 Challenges log book to simplify the scrutineering process, and a re-developed ‘Stowing the winch cable’ penalty. All rules changes, removed rules and new rules in this version are outlined in the ‘rule changes’ document.

If you have any questions about any of the rules, new or old, send an email to the rules committee at

Rule change submissions are encouraged and accepted at any time during the year, however the formal review is done on an annual basis to reduce the risk of confusion for marshals, competitors and event organisers through changes part way through a competition year. Please make sure your submissions are well researched and attach all appropriate information needed to make an informed decision. Email your submissions to

More information about obtaining a 4x4 Challenges log book.

posted by Jeremy Walker on December 22, 2008 5:20 PM in Rules news (2196 reads)

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