New vehicle rules, an overview

Here is a quick overview of the main changes to the Vehicle Rules. These are not the only vehicle related rule changes, so be sure to check the rule changes document and read all the rules concerned.

Aftermarket panel strength

Rule 5.5 has been changed so that only the panels encompassing the passenger compartment are required to be equivalent strength. The 'readily recognisable' requirement of all aftermarket and OEM panels remains un-changed.

Aftermarket panels including bonnets with the addition of scopes, doors, guards, windscreen surrounds, and grills are permitted provided they remain readily recognisable as OEM. All aftermarket panels encompassing the passenger compartment must be equivalent strength as OEM.

Battery isolation switch

Rule 9.3, a new rule for 2009 requires a battery isolation switch.

A mechanical battery isolation switch for the battery(s) that provide power to the engine, ignition and fuel pump is required. The switch must be within easy reach of both the Driver and Co-driver when they are seated in the vehicle with their full safety harness on. It must be clearly marked and its ‘on’ and ‘off’ positions easily recognised. This switch may isolate the negative terminal.

Note that an isolation switch for your winch battery(s) is not required in this new rule, but it is still highly recommended.

Wheel spacers, certified

The requirements of wheel spacers has been changed to be "certified to LVVTA standard". Rule 16.7

Wheel spacers are permitted provided they are certified to LVVTA standard.

Log books

A current 4x4 Challenges log book can now be used to remove the need for a less than 28 day old WOF (only a current WOF is required) and to show record of roll cage compliance.

Rule 24.2 d)

Current Warrant of Fitness (WOF) with current 4x4 Challenges Log Book.
(WOF must be no older than 28 days if a current 4x4 Challenges Log Book is not supplied).

Rule 24.2 g)

Current 4x4 Challenges log book which includes a record of roll cage compliance.
(Documented specification or otherwise accredited roll cage certification will be required if a current 4x4 Challenges Log Book is not supplied).

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