New 'Stowing the winch cable' penalty and interpretation

The 'stowing the winch cable' penalty caused some confusion over the last competition year largely due to the wording of the rule leaving room for various interpretations. Because of this, the rules committee have developed a new rule in an attempt to eliminate this confusion and simplify the application of this rule for both competitors and marshals. The intent of the rule has been changed to include when taking up the tension on your cable stowing system, so it is important that you take the time to learn the new rule and understand how to apply it.

Rule 26.29

Handling the winch cable while the winch is in operation is not permitted at anytime while stowing the winch cable.

To eliminate different interpretations of this new wording, an outline of how this rule should be applied has been added to the rules interpretations section.

Stowing the winch cable:

You are defined as 'stowing the winch cable' as soon as the hook is connected to the vehicle via cable horns, the recovery hook, a spring or any other cable stowing system. If you then handle the winch cable while the winch is in operation, you will be penalised.

This rule continues to apply when taking up the tension on the winch cable to secure it on your cable stowing system. If you handle the winch cable while the winch is in operation to take up the tension on a cable stowing system, you will be penalised. It is recommended that you make it very clear to any nearby marshals that your hands are well clear while taking up the tension, and that winch operation has ceased before you make any adjustments to the winch cable to ensure that taking up the tension will sufficiently secure your winch cable on your cable stowing system.

This rule does NOT apply when releasing the winch cable from the cable stowing system to begin winching, although it is highly recommended that extreme care is taken at all times while handling the winch cable and that your hands are always at a safe distance back from the fairlead.

Handling the winch cable to reset the winch cable on the drum, or wrapping the winch cable around the recovery hook or any other part of the vehicle to aid in releasing a bound up winch cable from the drum, are not penalty offenses provided the winch cable hook is not connected to the vehicle.

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