4x4 Challenges AGM 2010, Meeting minutes

Minutes of 4x4Challenges AGM 20th June 2010 held at Parnell 11am


Darin Neeley, Peter Vahry, Eileen Austin, Grant Johnson,
George Palmer, Ashley Lucas, Dave Brown, Justin Williams,

Apologies: Warren Adams, Steven Reed, Dan Cleaver, Jason
Delahunty, John Roberts, Glen Raymond

Minutes of previous AGM

Were read

Moved as correct Peter Vahry
Seconded Justin Williams

Matters arising

Radios not sorted yet or fees collected yet

To be discussed in general meeting to follow


Letters from NZFWDA re meetings and minutes


Presidents report

Since the last AGM there had been good progress with the
club class and numbers had increased. Rotorua has accepted the class and
that work was going into the class structure. This work was progressing nicely
but slowly. For the Rotorua Winch Challange, 4x4 Challenges was providing
the audit of the vehicles and administration around this.
Two weeks ago I received an email from Kiwi Challenge, organisers
of the Wellington event wanting to hold an event next year and requesting
assistance from 4x4 Challenges.

Darin moved that his report be accepted
Seconded Grant Williams

Financial report

Was tabled
Loss of $336.89 for 2009/10
Only a few transactions
Balance in bank $4873.37 31st March 2010
Signatories need to be changed
3 people needed The meeting agreed that Peter Vahry, Eileen Austin,
Ashley Lucas be the new signatories
Peter reported that since the end of the financial year there had
been 2 new members

Peter Vahry moved that the financial report for 2009/2010
be accepted
Seconded Darin Neeley



Club fee for 2010/2011 be $20
Non-competitor be $10

Moved Darin Neeley
Seconded Eileen Austin

Election  of Officers

President: Darin Neeley nominated by Justin
Williams, seconded by Grant Johnson
Darin Neeley declared President

Secretary: Eileen Austin nominated by Darin Neeley, seconded
by Peter Vahry
Eileen Austin declared Secretary

Treasurer: Peter Vahry nominated by George Palmer, seconded
by Dave Brown
Peter Vahry was declared Treasurer

Vice-President:  Jack Talbot nominated by Dave Williams,
seconded by Darin Neeley
Jack Talbot was declared Vice-President

Committee:  Klem Christiansen
George Palmer
Dave Brown
Justin Williams
Convenor of Rules committee defunct as rules were
being done in committee
Committee nominated by Darin Neeley, seconded by Grant Johnston
Committee members as above declared


Meeting  ended 12 noon

followed by general meeting


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