4x4 Challenges general meeting, June 2010, minutes

Minutes of 4x4 Challenges General Meeting held on Sunday 20th June 2010 at Parnell following the AGM


Darin Neeley, Peter Vahry, Eileen Austin, Grant Johnson,
George Palmer, Ashley Lucas, Dave Brown, Justin Williams,

Apologies: Warren Adams, Steven Reed,
Dan Cleaver, Jason Delahunty, John Roberts, Glen Raymond

Minutes of previous meeting

There were minutes taken of this meeting but unavailable



Email received by Darin from Kiwi 4x4 Challenge (Mark Pincock)
requesting assistance with their next event which would be a National  Winch


Financial Report

Balance as of 18/06/10 was $4955.37
There had been 2 new members


General Business

For the Rotorua Challenges on the 9th July there needed
to be log books issued and members joined

Darin will talk to the Rotorua organisers to ensure the
paperwork to Peter Vahry by 29th June so he has time to issue log books

Update Website

Jeremy would need to be contacted re the new fees and the
rule updates so they can be posted on the site


Log Books

List of auditors in log books for each region, Darin, Klem
and Jack


Progress on Rules

Issued as clarification on classes Published 2010 as draft
to be effective 01/01/2011
The intention of the classes is to allow progress through the sport
from club class to super-modified



Discussion on clause in rules
Any pump gas including AV gas or Race Fuel generally accepted
NO Methanol. Biofuels maybe accepted but the organisers had to be
notified and accept.

Justin to complete wording and insert into draft

Scrutineering rule

Needs to be altered



Discussion on this added clause also about the process
of lengthening chassis and monocoque vehicles and their modification “Shall
maintain equivalent strength”.



As per 17.3 Need to change to 4 point harness



Darin explained the 4 classes

  • Standard  Do not need WOF
  • Club –cap on modification re points system
  • Challenge as is
  • Super- modified not needed to be road legal and less restriction on modifications

Darin explained the points system Club class was 400 points or less to
stay in this class.
Club class 600 points or less
Modifications gained points e.g. Suspension lift over 65mm was
50 points


Scoring system

Discussion on the various systems used. The most accepted
had been one designed by Jenny Konz. Suggested that perhaps this should be
the sanctioned system by 4x4 Challenges and the Version No be added as it
was refined.


DNF times

Discussion on the need for this to be clarified by organisers
to competitors and should be in the guideline package that is for organisers.
Failure to complete a section and DNF (failure to complete a section
in the time allowed were confused. Good marshal training also felt to be vital


Liability after vehicle audit

Discussion about 4x4 Challenges liability. We are asked
to do the audit and provide the vehicle rules.
Course safety was another issue and maybe for the future. Suggested
that each organiser has a Risk Management Plan



Need for a formal cost be put on these + the watches.
Suggested that $200 + freight be the cost without batteries.

Peter to check cost of replacement batteries for radios

Log book transfer process

Discussion about this and the cost of additional log books.
Set at $10 and replacement cost also $10 if original destroyed etc.


Meeting closed



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